Rules of the competition

            The rules of the raffle competition are as follows:

              * No prize can be exchanged for cash.
              * The decision of the accounting firm handling the draw is final.
              * No prizes will couriered outside of the South African borders, but a friend or family member within South Africa's borders can be nominated to receive a winner outside of SA's prize.
              * All winners will be notified of their prize/s on Monday the 14th of December 2020.
              * Winners will be notified via email, WhatsApp and Facebook.
              * Only winners will be notified, there will be no communication with ticket holders who did not win a prize.
              * The competition is open to ANYBODY.
              * Complete the form here and email it to us here with proof of payment and your electronic ticket/s will be emailed to you within 24hours of payment reflecting in the correct bank account.
              * Your ticket is your proof of payment, but do not have to be shown for acceptance of your prize, as your numbers will automatically go into the draw. It does act as proof for any tax deductions you wish to make, or B-BBEE points during your annual B-BBEE audit.
              * All queries can be addressed by emailing us at pr phoning us on +27-84-881-0181 .

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