Finish 2021 Strong Calendar

You will automatically receive the "Finish 2021 Strong" calendar for every FOUR tickets you buy.


 Austin Kleon wrote a brilliant book called "Steal like an artist". We took his advice and "stole" the calendar idea from Jon Acuff and adapted it to the South African environment.

We are HUGE fans of Jon Acuff and highly admire his outlook on life and business.

We did inform him of what we did and that we adapted his brilliant idea to the South African market.

This calendar is 60cm wide by 90cm high.

It is a dry erase surface to assist in goal setting and planning for the year, month, week, day.

One side is in portrait, and the other in landscape.


The calendar changes our mindset from looking at a year in terms of months, to looking at it in terms of weeks. It is not the end of March, but the beginning of the week.

It is not *groan* it is Christmas time mindset. No, it is a, "It is December and there are two productive weeks left before we break for the holidays" mindset kind of calendar.

The dry surface allows you to monitor your days and adapt when needed.

It is a great visual reminder and strengthener of sticking to your goals.

About the calendar in Jon's own words:

"This year marks the 10th year in a row that I’ve used this calendar. Why do I love it? Why have thousands of people bought one for their own home or office? Because it works.

It’s not magic, it’s just science. Study after study has shown how important tracking your year is, but my favorite came from the University of Konstanz in Germany. They showed that when you track when and where you are going to work on something, you double your chances of success.

That should have been the headline, “Want to double your chances of success? Use this calendar.”

Every year I talk about how my big wall calendar is my #1 productivity tool and until that stops being the case, I'll keep doing it. Nothing helps me finish projects and achieve goals in the short term AND the long term like this calendar does. It truly is a game-changer for me.

Get ready for an amazing year.

Get ready to finish 2021."

- Jon Acuff