Frequently  Asked Questions

A competiton where a person buy a ticket and then can win one of the prizes in the competition, also called a lottery.

Each ticket costs R250.00.

You can buy as many tickets as you want and every ticket go into the draw allowing you the chance to win one or more of the prizes.

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AkukhanYa is the official initiater of this raffle competition, but it is doen in partnership with Out of the Box Skills TRaining centre in Germiston and Albertskroon.

AkukhanYa is a private training company situated in Germisotn, specialising in Adult Education & Training and Learnerships/ Qaulifications, both onsite and offfsite.

You can learn more about AkukhanYa here.

You can learn more about Out of the Box here.

To make this raffle competition fair, there are separate prizes for indididuals and comapanies?

More about the prizes here.

This is more than a fundraiser for the companies invovled, it is also a way to support lcoal communities and welfare organisations, as well as unemployed learners during these very harsh after effects of the Corona virus and long lockdown the country and our people are experiencing. 

The raffle is managed by a separate account than the normal operational accounts of AkukhanYa & Out of the Box. The account will be audited by an accounting firm with a full financial report produced that can be accessed by any of the ticket holders. This is to ensure total transparency and show how all money was spent as per the reasons stated in this competition.

A full competition report will also be published on this website by the end of February 2021, along with the audited financial report that will be publsihed on this website for anyone who wish to follow-up on the legitamecy of this competition and the management of this competition.

In a country with a culture of fraud, state capturing of money and money laundering, it is very important to all teh parties invovled that there is total transparency in the management of this competition.

The funds will be split into 5 equal parts: 

  • 1/5 will be used to support owners of the small business supported by OUt of teh Box and AkukhanYa by paying them for the prizes (more about these businesses  here )

  • 1/5 will go towards our various community outreach initiatives - including the Christmas party & gifts (more about these initiatives  here )

  • 1/5 will go towards supporting Out of the Box Skills Centre in Germiston (more about this centre  here )

  • 1/5 will go towards supporting Out of the Box Skills Centre in Albertskroon (more about this centre  here ) & finally,

  • 1/5 will go towards to supporting AkukhanYa @A Group over the following months (more about AkukhanYa's Germiston hub  here )

The winners draw will be on Saturday 12 December 2020 before the big Christmas lunch (more about the lunch here).

No. There is nothing so horrible as having to stand in a crwod of people hoping your name will be drawn, plus since there are so many prizes, this is going to be a very long process. We will spare you the ourdeal of all this. Anybody who wish to be present during the draw will be welcome to attend, but to be a winner, you do not ahve to be at the draw.

The winners draw will be overseen by the same financial company that will audit the final account of this competition to ensure total transparency and that the draw is fair and above board.

Monday 14 December 2020

The prefered communication channel as indicated on the entrey form will be used to inform all winners, either via email, WhatsApp or SMS.

The names of all winners will also be publsihed on this website and our Facebook page.

All prizes will be delivered in January 2021, when people are back at work or from their holiday. The exact delivery date will be confirmed with each prize winner.

Every ticket goes into the draw. If you bought more than one ticket, you have more than one chance to win one or more prizes.

As all prizes will have to be couriered to winners outside of Gauteng, the prize may be exchanged with the same value and type, but from Takealot and delivered to your house or business by them. This will be personally discussed and organised with the winners outside of Gauteng to ensure that they are completely happy with the exchange of the prize.

Since it will be exhorbant to send prizes accross the border and defeat the purpose of this raffle competition - namely to raise funds - every prize winner outside of South Africa may nominate a family or friend in South Africa as the receiver of their winning prize.

Unfortunately this is not possible. One of the purposes of this raffle competition is to raise money for the small businesses who are making the prizes for the competition. No proze can therefore be exchanged for cash. 

All donations made to a not for profit organisation is tax deductable. The 18A Certificate is your proof of your "donation" to Out of the Box and you will receive an 18A Certicate to verify the amount of teh tickets you bought.

An EME is an Emerging Mikro Enterprize, which means it is a company with less than R10Mill turnover a year.

A level 2 B-BBEE company is one with 51% or more black ownership.

Companies who invest in EMEs score points under the Sociio-Economic Development area of the B-BBEE Scorecard. A Level 2 EME is a 125% percent return on investment in points scored.

Germiston is in the East Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. It is part of the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan.

Albertskroon is in the West Rand of Gauteng. It is aprt of teh Johannesburg Metropolitan.
Yes. This is a crowdsourcing initiative and anybody can buy a ticket and win a prize. To ensure that their is no foul play, an independent financial company will handle the draw, not any of the beneficiaries of this crwodsourcing initiative.

Karabo-inc is a division of AkukhanYa, but it is a formally registered PTY with an independent bank account. Therefore it is formally audited and all legislative requirements are met. 

To ensure that the income from the raffle competition is not absorbed by one of the beneficiaries operational account, but totally separate and accountable. The money for the various beenficiaries will be paid out of this account into their business account.

If you have a question we have not addressed here, please email us with your question and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Email account is: